Friday, 30 August 2013

Follow the yellow,red, blue, orange, purple, pink brick road...

I can't believe I'm here! Bloggingland that is. *giddyasakipper*.  I've toyed with the idea of a blog for about 6 months and never been brave enough to take those tentative steps down the path.  My reason you may ask...Our 'Bob' and his transition into adulthood! Our 'Bob' was diagnosed between 6 years old and 9 years old (the diagnosis didn't all come at once surprise, surprise!) with high functioning autism/ADHD, he has a specific learning difficulty - dyslexia.  As his Mummy, Advocate, Chauffeur, screaming at board, cry on shoulder (not that happens much) and general good egg I have the ebegeebees about what the future holds for him and us.  I hope you enjoy our journey and all that it brings, I will try to keep it lighthearted and funny but in my world there are no guarantees!

Our path to the autistic world started life as mere meadow clearing when 'Bob' was months old.  He was THE most placid baby, gorgeous blue eyes and blonde curly hair but suffered from terrible baby asthma/eczema and an intolerance to cow's milk.  As he got older things seem to jump from one frying pan into an even greater one (I will save The Nursery Years for later they are a hoot! honest).  We already had 'Lil' she was a happy 6 year old, bright as a button and met her milestones in double time, clever little thing.  Naively I was waiting for it to all happen the same again. I was a working Mother and proud of it, and just because I had another baby was not going to stop me being the ultimate Super Mom! I was the epitome of Diane Keaton's character in the film "Baby Boom"! Who said I couldn't have it all!  Boy folks did I come down to earth with the biggest bump you could have ever experienced.  Crikey! I had shoulder-pads for goodness sake and I sat around a board table delivering statistical information.  I performed miracles most of the time, bent backwards making tea and coffee whilst balancing my mobile on my nose like a seal!

I gave up work, simple as.  My priority changed when I realised my Son, my little soldier was spending more time sat alone on the naughty mat than doing any other activity when he wasn't with us.  I knew there was something wrong, I just knew in my heart of hearts he was not meeting milestones, life was challenging for him and us, nobody was forgiving for his behaviour and this poor little boy was struggling in the sea of life.

I have been fighting his corner ever since!  I think I can safely say our road is one of many colours, some parts are brighter than others and some are down right drab.  I walk this path because I have too I don't pay too much attention to its appearance but I do like company so if you are up for it let's go for a little walk.........!