Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Weather Station

Strange analogy comparing a Weather Station and Autism but it is amazing what you think about when normal routine has been broken.  Our 'Bob' had requested a super duper wireless Weather Station for Christmas and the indoor unit has been placed on draws behind the sofa.  So you can imagine whilst we have had such dreadful wind and rain we have all been obsessed with checking the data.  Our 'Bob' has been using it in conjunction with his real time flight simulator, Mr Autynary concerned that the gusts won't take out the new roof, and I who whilst  in a seasonal reflective mood drew my attention to the data titles and found myself making those comparisons with ASD.
The constant is the date and time; that's Autism.  It will always be there!  But like time management we strategize and plan to manage autism so it doesn't control us.  And when you lose the momentum of time management/autism you can feel tired, out of control, confused and nothing makes sense.  The balls have to drop sometime like the qurkism that is a leap year! We make reasonable adjustments in our lives.

Inside data reflects humidity and temperature, these are variable but can be controlled.  As is the core of an autistic persons temperament and judgement not everyone is the same, and with many environmental changes can impact mood, tolerance and sensitivity.

Outside data, again reflects humidity and temperature, variable association but this one we certainly don't have any control over at all.  I realised (I do that quite a lot! Epiphanies happen to me all the time I'm surprised they don't put me in a darken room! ) that this is another stark realisation of the world. We can't control the World, it's perception and the people in it.  We can influence but that's not enough.  It may be my world is so consumed with all things autistic that you could present me with a baked bean can and I could find something autism related with it.

And there is this beautiful visualisation of the outside world; big sun; clouds; rain; snow.  Something which would have had vibrant colours on our 'Bob's visual timetable. The view into the vast entity that is The World!

Here comes the Pressure! Now don't get me started on this one.  We all experience this cooking pot.  I am amazed though how our 'Bob' can keep his rattling up on high for such long periods.  It does worry me that holding on to such stress will have on his physical being never mind his mental state.  There is a Star Trek quote "I canna hold her much longer Captain she's gonna blow!" **think Hollywood Scottish accent**  And I have this nightmare I will find him collapsed somewhere.

By the time I've got to the bottom of the screen I'm exhausted which fits in nicely with wind speed and rainfall.  Life can be an absolute wash, or an almighty tornado hellbent on wrecking a path through your life, or it can be limpid, serene and tolerant.  

We accept the information from the Weather Station as given, it's part of nature.  Yes, we moan about it but all told we do venture into the darkest of storms, sunniest of days and no harm comes to us (Wellies and Sunscreen are required).  Brave individuals will chase the storms and incredible Explorers venturer to the coldest parts of the world with some uncertainty and risk but they still go there.  Governments invest in the Weather it brings so much to this world; Research and Development, Environmental rescue and support. Why can't the world just accept Autism as a given it's part of nature, it's part of our 'Bob' and so many other Children & Adults on the spectrum.  Why then can't the Government invest more in our 'part of nature'? Why can't the world just accept Autism is not going anywhere and work with us not against us!  Our 'Bob' is an ASSET and he IS worthy of investment too!