Monday, 30 September 2013

This Wall Was Not Built In A Day

Another proud Mummy moment!  Our 'Bob' has been plagued since the beginning of term by one child in Construction, I mentioned him before in Hey Ho No 2 blog the kid with the Lego!  The attraction to irritate 'Bob' has increased over the last couple of weeks and 'Bob' is desperately controlling himself in his presence. We have been working really hard on self restraint, reinforcing strategies to empower 'Bob' to make good choices when confronted with people who are, quite frankly, pushing for a fight!  This usually happens in the car on the way home and has to be completed by the time we get back because I have exhausted his attention span.  Though he's probably sick and tired of listening to "that woman...!" this seems to be his current reference about me.

I'm not saying our 'Bob' is an angel; he can be equally annoying and yes he does like to be right ALL the time.  He struggles when he believes there has been an injustice, and that can happen quite a lot some days. God help you if you cut us up first thing in the morning, or dare you to take a step off the pavement before the green man has appeared!  I'm not lying It's a task to bring him down to level where we can work on reasoning.

The fact is this is a brand new subject, and our 'Bob' has been really trying to find his feet.  He loves it though; finally some real satisfaction with immediate positive results.  You would not believe it they have to build little mini bungalows; I mean this is absolutely fab!  It's got bricks, pipes, a sink and even a little roof!! The whole shebang!  For a 6 year old 'Bob' this would have been heaven; for a 14 year old 'Bob' this means possibilities...

He jumped in the car the other day, beaming from ear to ear, very chuffed with himself clutching a piece of wood.  It got shoved right in front of my nose..."take a look at that joint, Sir says this is brilliant and I got a distinction..." Wow! On closer inspection it was a small corner joint made out of wood carefully joined together and sanded as smooth as a baby's bot! So to honour his effort he gave me permission to photograph his joint for you all to enjoy...

And to top it off, ‘Bob’ has been mithering his Teacher to let him build his own bungalow since the beginning of the school year, well, he got it! Only half a bungalow but he’s happy enough, it's up against the studio wall and it does bring new challenges but hey he's on his own.  Stay posted 'Bob' says I can update you guys on its progress.  Hold on to your hat's this journey is going to be fun! 


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  2. And it deserves pride of place for the sheer effort that went into it. :)

  3. TY Michelle. Up there on the mantelpiece for all to see :-)) He really is so proud of it xx