Sunday, 30 March 2014

OMG! I'm in a Book........ & To Wonderful New Friendships on Mothers Day

Look what arrived yesterday morning!  Seriously giddy as a kipper!  I'm in a book!  Eek!

Before I plucked up the courage to start blogging, and I do this quite a lot of the time, was viewing from the sidelines. There was the fantastic Wendy, who triumphed so much and blogged with such conviction on, and then there was super Jo, who's positivity towards autism is an inspiration over on, and then there was this wonderful woman Michelle, who pulled their stories together and like wings of an angel wrapped them into this safe haven of support and warmth, over at

I have to thank Wendy for her support and encouragement, and helping me find my confidence to write that first blog post.  I had absolutely no idea whether anybody would be interested in reading anything I had to say, with Wendy's help she made me realise that if only one person read it and found shared experience then it is well worth it. She probably doesn't know how much she has impacted on my life, nor would Jo or Michelle, we make comments on posts and retweet stories but not necessary say these words.  

Thank you ladies, and to all the other ladies out there who blog with passion, a huge Thank you, you guys do make a difference to peoples lives.

Michelle Daly writes this fantastic blog Warrior Mums, I stumbled across it, like most things, on Twitter.  There was lots of activity on Twitter one Sunday night, and I thought I would hop on over to find out what was causing such excitement.  Wow!  What incredible stories were being told and such inspiration.  I was truly astonished, that these ladies were laying bare such emotion for all to read.  I wept, I laughed and I felt their pain.  Michelle collaborates with these fantastic Mums, sharing their incredible stories, the lows, the highs and with some delightful photographs.  I do love a good photo!  

I don't know how it happened, but I was honoured to be asked by Michelle to contribute to her growing collection of super Warrior Mums' stories.  At first I didn't know whether I could do it, it wasn't the stuff about our 'Bob' that was the difficulty, it was talking about me!  Not many professionals ask about you!  There were a few tears cried over the piece, some raw nerves plucked but throughout the process Michelle was at the other end of the line.

When you read about Michelle, and I suggest that you get a copy of her book With a little help from my friends,  you soon realise what an incredible woman she is.  Amazon's information about the author "Michelle Daly was kicked out of school at age fifteen with a reference stating, “Michelle thinks life is one big joke.” She went on to work with children in residential care and in 1972, at nineteen, became the youngest single woman in Britain to obtain legal guardianship of a child; Marie, a seven year-old with mental and physical disabilities. In 1990, they moved to Ireland, a country she refers as her second home, where she home schooled her two children, Patrick and Anna. An advocate for children’s rights and people with special needs, she lives with Marie in Liverpool. Michelle has also written a book of fiction, I Love Charlotte Brontë, which is available in paperback and Kindle editions."

I can tell you so much more about this lovely lady; tenacity, fight, passionate, dedicated, courageous, gutsy, love, warmth, inspiration, brave and someone I am so proud to call a friend. 

Personally speaking, I had never experienced someone willing to fight so hard for a child, let alone one that wasn't related to them.  I'd experienced being fought over, never having anybody fighting for me!  I was amazed!

When Michelle mentioned she was putting together the stories to create a book, I don't think it sunk in to be honest.  I knew she was busy putting it all together and checked in every now and then to make sure she was OK.  Then bang! It's here!  

I will never tire of saying what a privilege it has been to be included in this book.  It's appropriate that all the proceeds should go to such a wonderful organisation MENCAP and what a lovely foreword from Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive, Royal Mencap Society.  If you only buy one book this year, please pick this one. Within it you will find a collection of truly marvelous, inspirational and amazing Mums, all different but with a common bond, love for our children and families!

To my fellow Warrior Mums, Cheers!  What a fantastic club we are in, loved reading every single story and so chuffed we are in it together.  To the Warrior Mums of tomorrow, can't wait for you to join us and read your incredible, amazing and inspirational stories.  To Michelle, Thank you.  You are one in a million, keep doing what you do best, being an Angel! Xxx

One last word; Thank you to all the readers out there, without your input these posts are merely just twittering from the front line.  

Much love and respect Justine xxx


  1. Am waiting for my book so looking forward to reading it and seeing my lovely friend in print xx

    1. Thank you my Lovely xxxx Hope you enjoy it :-)

  2. Brilliant post, Justine and thank you so much for the kind words and oodles of support. I'd loved to have seen your face when you were trying to carefully open the envelope that contained your book. It's a great feeling to see your work in print and I'm smiling as I think about how much parents of special needs children and adults - and professionals too, are going to be so inspired by yours and all the other stories in Warrior Mums.

    I don't think any of us ever imagined seeing the collective warrior mum journey blog posts in a book and it just goes to show how strong we are together.

    THANK YOU so much for your enthusiasm and endless motivation.
    I can't remember how we met either but I'm sure glad we did! :)

    Lots of love and a big hug.

    Michelle xxx

    1. Thank you so much Michelle for your kind words. Face was a picture and took me back to Xmas morning, SO excited!

      Looking forward to the next Warrior Mums stories :)

      Big hugs back, and lots of love

      Justine xxx

  3. Justine, my copy has just arrived! So very proud to know you all and be a part of Michelle's wonderful vision. I've read everyone's blogs but can't wait to get started on reading the paper copy. Thank you all and thank you Michelle. H x

    1. Thank you Hayley x The stories all seem so fresh and new, even though you might have read them before! You will be beaming from ear to ear for days :-) I still am. In fact I probably resemble a Cheshire Cat! Justine x

  4. Thank you so much Justine I am so pleased you are a fellow warrior mum. It's a great group to be part of and Michelle is like our big sister . I am so proud you posted that first post and how you have gone from strength to strength with your blog. Pleased to know you as a friend xxxx

    Sorry if I don't answer your posts straight away it's my brain having one of it's brain farts and i forget xx

    1. Your comments are always well worth the wait xxx LOL Thank you so much Wendy. Wow what a great bunch :-) I'm so glad and honoured to know you, such strength and inspiration XXX

  5. Aww thank you Justine that means a lot xxx